Sunday, January 08, 2006

January 2006 Digital Camera Review
Prolink DS3303U

Modestly proffering a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels the Prolink DS3303U might not quite match up to the likes of the Canon 1DS Mark II in terms of megapixels (or more strictly speaking kilopixels) but coming in at around the same weight as the Canon's remote switch, the Prolink does have the advantage of lightness and mobility.

Or that might be the case were it not for the limitations brought about by the use of the USB cable required to power the camera from a computer, and to feed images from the camera back to that computer.

Tethered operation of DSLRs in the studio is quite popular amongst professionals however thus hopes that the Prolink could come into its own in studio based situations might not be hollow ones. Indeed the opening image here might indicate the potential for such tethered studio use.

The lack of onboard image storage capabilities (with such a diminutive unit even the space for a secure digital card is lacking) might put off sports and landscape photographers but tethered to a laptop the Prolink could still make for the perfect solution for those with budgets to consider, or uncomfortable with wielding hefty pro-body Canons, Nikons and their ilk.

Whilst image softness might be an issue for some discerning photographers you might always try removing the fixed focal length lens of the Prolink with a hacksaw and replacing it with, perhaps, a MM series Contax lens attached with an ample turn of gaffer tape.

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